Kitchari: Indian Lentil Stew (6 Pack)

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Just heat and serve.
100% Plant-Based, Organic, Oil-Free, and Only 210 mg of Sodium per serving.

Rip had never heard of this dish until a friend brought it to his house one afternoon and it was all gone an hour later.  Like a warm hug, Kitchari is a soothing comfort food known for its health properties and digestive benefits. This perfectly balanced, seven-spice blend pairs with soul warming aromatics like ginger, garlic, and onion to make this Indian Lentil Stew sing! A squeeze of lime will lift the flavors and balance the depth of the stew with a touch of brightness. 

16.9 fl oz (2 Cups) and about 2 servings per package.

Water, Organic Onions, Organic Split Yellow Peas, Organic Brown Jasmine Rice, Organic Carrot Puree, Organic Split Red Lentils, Organic Ginger Puree (Organic Ginger, Water), Organic Potato Starch, Organic Garlic Puree (Organic Garlic, Water), Sea Salt, Organic Coriander Seeds, Organic Fennel Seeds, Organic Ground Turmeric, Organic Cumin Seeds, Organic Fenugreek, Organic Black Pepper, Black Cumin Seed.

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